Starz Theater Company Audition Workshop

May 4, 2019, 1:00-6:00pm,
Turning Pointe School of Dance

Open to students throughout the Colorado Springs community
2nd Grade through High School (2018/2019 school year)

Student Check In: 12:30-1:00
Students only: 1:00-4:45
Parents and Students: 4:45-6:00
Summer Class Registration 5:30-6:00

Family Price: $90/2 Students, $130/3 students, $170/4 students

Learn how to craft and tell your story through the Triple Threat (vocals, acting, dance). For any show anywhere, you will be equipped to advance through the audition process with confidence and showmanship. Workshops will be divided into Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced Levels, and you can expect to be challenged and grow in the areas of:

-Preparing for the Experience
-Learning to Shine in Group/Combo Auditions
-Owning the Moment of Solo Auditions
-Developing your First Impression
-Understanding the Casting Process
-Stepping Up for your Future - On the Stage and Beyond!!

For the student who longs to find their voice, believe, and create their story on stage, this workshop is a unique opportunity to explore the ins-and-outs of the audition experience within the world of Musical Theater.

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