“How do I prepare for the Audition workshop?”

For this workshop, we are asking students to prepare themselves to be open and willing to try new things. Students do not need to prepare any songs, sides or dances for the workshop. We will provide all material needed on the day of the workshop. Students should be ready to learn how to work through material at an accelerated pace and with methods that will boost their confidence! Our hope is for students to grow as performers with strong hearts, open minds and a courageous spirit that is unafraid to step forward and try something new!

Each student should bring dance shoes (please see the dress code), a water bottle, a nut-free healthy snack, and a notebook and pencil.

During our Parent Q&A portion, we will have a guided time to work through headshots and resumes (both of which are required for auditionees to STC). Students are allowed to bring their headshot and resume to self-critique during this time, but this is not required. We will be teaching how to build a resume from scratch, so please bring blank paper and pen.