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2018-2019 Season Audition Day #1

STC Audition Day - May 5 

1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

E-mail the directors for an audition time spot for May 5th, beginning April 21st.

Audition Application

Audition Requirements:

  • Bring completed Audition Application, $20 Audition Fee, and Photo to audition.
  • Age requirement:  This show is for students ages 8-17 (this must be your age range throughout our season AND during the shows).
  • Audition Performance Requirements will include:  1 dramatic and 1 comedic monologue (1 minute each), 2 minute vocal performance, and a 1 minute dance presentation (for those with dance training).  Please choose the genre of your preference to perform.
  • New requirements for younger students:  Students ages 8-10 will be required to perform 1 monologue of your choice (1 minute), a 1 minute vocal performance, and a 1 minute dance presentation, if the performer has dance experience.
  • No member of the STC Directorial and Leadership Team can participate in the process of helping prepare students for STC auditions via private lessons. Parents and students who are unsure of audition readiness are encouraged to seek out professional input for their students as they prepare for auditions.
  • No Member of the Directorial or Leadership Team will field inquiries prior to, during, or post auditions, about auditions, or the "why's" of decisions made. Once the Cast List is posted, it is final. The Directorial and Leadership Team of STC asks that each family and student respectfully consider their offer and simply accept, or decline, the opportunity. Phone calls, attempt at meetings, emails, or any other communication in this regard will be met with no response. We are grateful for your respect of the incredibly thoughtful and prayerful process that goes into the placement of each and every student.

For Additional Info. and Mandatory Dates, please go to About and/or Starz Rizing tabs.