Introducing STARZ Rizing

STARZ Rizing (SR) is the entry point for Starz Theater Company (STC).  It is specifically designed for students needing additional experience and training in voice, acting and dance.  This is for students of all ages as our goal is additional experience and exposure to the theater process.  STARZ Rizing placement is not limited to a 1-year experience.  Many students will be placed in STARZ Rizing at least two consecutive years before moving into STARZ.

STARZ Rizing students provide an annual Pre-Show Presentation that is an Original Production of SR leadership and students.  Some SR students may be asked to participate in the STARZ Winter Showcase as well.  This is based on the Winter Showcase needs, performance experience and student readiness.

For the first 4-8 weeks of rehearsals, SR students will enter an Intensive Training time to purposely build foundations in dance, vocal and acting.  Training will be provided by the STC Directorial Team, as well artistic professionals from the Colorado Springs community.  After Intensive Training, students will begin working on their Original Work for the 2018 Winter Showcase Pre Show Presentation.

Starz Rizing General Information:

Additional Directorial Team considerations for casting include:

  • Talent and potential talent displayed throughout the audition process.

  • Attitude throughout the audition process.

  • Past STARZ Rizing performances, behavior and attitude demonstrated.

  • Information and restrictions provided in Audition Application.

  • Potential for growth and overall teachability.

2018-19 Cast has been announced.

See calendar tab for Show dates & more info.

Audition Requirements:

  • Bring completed Audition Application, $20 Audition Fee, and Photo to audition.

  • Age requirement: students ages 8-17 (this must be your age range throughout our season AND during the shows).

  • Audition Performance Requirements will include: 1 dramatic and 1 comedic monologue (1 minute each), 2 minute vocal performance, and a 1 minute dance presentation (for those with dance training in the style of your choice).

  • New requirements for younger students: Students ages 8-10 will be required to perform 1 monologue of your choice (1 minute), a 1 minute vocal performance, and a 1 minute dance presentation, if the performer has dance experience.

  • No member of the STC Directorial and Leadership Team can participate in the process of helping prepare students for STC auditions via private lessons. Parents and students who are unsure of audition readiness are encouraged to seek out professional input for their students as they prepare for auditions.

  • No Member of the Directorial or Leadership Team will field inquiries prior to, during, or post auditions, about auditions, or the "why's" of decisions made. Once the Cast List is posted, it is final. The Directorial and Leadership Team of STC asks that each family and student respectfully consider their offer and simply accept, or decline, the opportunity. Phone calls, attempt at meetings, emails, or any other communication in this regard will be met with no response. We are grateful for your respect of the incredibly thoughtful and prayerful process that goes into the placement of each and every student.

General requirements:

  • Previous participation in STARZ or STARZ Rizing is not a guarantee of placement in STARZ Rizing. Space in SR is limited. A formal offer will be emailed in July. An emailed acceptance of offer, a signed Parent/Student Contract and a commitment to the STC Kick Off and Intensive Week are required to accept a placement within STARZ Rizing.

  • Parents/families of STARZ students are asked to prayerfully consider where they can give time and talent. For more information on our volunteer teams, please go to "Our Team" tab. Absences must be communicated in advance, if at all possible.

  • Each student and at least 1 parent/guardian are required to sign off on the Parent/Student Contract that will be included with the Casting Offer Email sent in July.

  • Each student and at least 1 parent/guardian are required to be a part of Orientation at the beginning of Kick Off.

  • With only 1 day of rehearsal each week, 3 absences are the limit per student for the season.

  • Absences must be communicated in advance, if at all possible. Commitments and/or absences known prior to auditions should be indicated on the Audition Application.

  • Each student is required to participate in at least 1 outreach and at least 2 promos. These will be communicated as dates are confirmed and usually take place in November, December and January. Some promos are at schools and during school hours.

  • Students are often encouraged to take additional dance classes to strengthen that piece of our production. That is decided on an individual basis.

  • Rehearsal requirements: dance/movement appropriate attire, water bottle, pencil, highlighter, notebook and a "can do" attitude that seeks to contribute to the Starz Theater Company team through attitude and actions.

STARZ Theater Company Kick Off and Intensive Dates: 

  • Saturday, August 4th (all day - STARZ/STARZ Rizing and at least one parent or guardian for each student will be needed from 9:00 - 11 a.m. for Orientation)

  • Monday, August 6 (afternoon only - STARZ/STARZ Rizing)

  • Final schedule TBD

Season Rehearsal Info:

  • Saturdays ONLY: 2:30-5:30 p.m.

  • Saturday rehearsals begin August 18, 2018.

  • Saturday rehearsal times are subject to vary, as there will be Saturdays where specific groups may be asked to come early, or stay longer, for additional rehearsal time. Times are subject to vary, particularly in November and December as we begin to prepare for Photo Shoot Day and Show Month.

  • This time includes 30 minutes of Bible based devotional time as a Company.

  • Holiday breaks: Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas Break.

  • January 2019 is Show Month and consists of all day Saturday rehearsals, Load In to venue, Technical Rehearsal Day, Dress Rehearsal Day, 4 ticketed shows total, and Load Out. Specific show dates are TBD but these Saturdays will be FULL DAY commitments as we prepare for show weekends. These are mandatory attendance.

  • Show Week will begin on Tuesday and run through the weekend performances. Please plan for after school rehearsals (4-10 p.m.) on Tuesday - Thursday. There will be 4-5 performances over the course of the weekend (Friday - Sunday). After the final performance on Sunday, all hands on deck as we completely load out of venue. More details for Show Week will be forth coming in August. Show Week participation is required for all performers and Support Teams.

  • STC Cast Party is usually on a Saturday within 2 weeks following Show Weekend. This is not mandatory but is a highly anticipated celebration each season as Cast Members receive their infamous "Candy Awards" and keep sakes. Party date and location will be announced later in the season.

STARZ Theater Company is a division of Turning Pointe School of Dance and is a tuition based 6 month program with a 1 time production fee.  

2018-19 required fees for Starz:

  • STARZ Rizing - $50/month August – January with a 1-time $60 production fee due in January.

  • Our Program Ad Sales do offer the opportunity to offset production fees entirely. More information about this will be available during Kick Off Week.