Getting ready for your audition?
Here are some helpful tips to help you shine:

  • Auditions are for students from 3rd Grade - 12th Grade. Limited audition slots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • We will not accept walk-ins on the day of Auditions. You must sign up on our website. Audition Sign ups will begin July 27th.

  • Plan to arrive to your audition 30-minutes prior to your time slot. This will allow you time to focus, warm-up and complete the necessary audition forms without feeling rushed.

  • Auditions will consist of a one-minute Vocal Audition.

  • Please choose a Broadway or Disney song for your audition. No other musical genre.

  • Please do not choose a song from Newsies.

  • Be sure to choose a song that you can sing with confidence and energy. The more comfortable you are with your song, the more fun you will have with your audition!

  • All songs will be performed Acapella. Our Music Director will have a pitch pipe and a keyboard available for starting notes.

  • No costumes or props are allowed as part of your audition.

  • No Monologues, Sides or Cold Reads will be used as part of the initial Audition process.

  • A high-energy Jazz Dance Combo will be taught and performed as part of your audition. If you are not an experienced dancer, do not worry!! We want to see your showmanship and ability to entertain your audience through the dance!

  • Experienced Tap dancers may learn the Tap combo that will be posted on our website on August 3rd. This will be performed as part of the audition, but will not be taught during auditions.