2013-2014 STARZ: Wizard of Oz

2013-2014 STARZ: Wizard of Oz

What parents are saying:

  • Our boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves!  We personally saw growth in their behavior, attitude, singing, dancing, acting, ownership, participation, service, and promotion on the home front too.  Starz, as a theater company endorses all of this!  Figurative and literal character development are emphasized. More than anything-that's what we have appreciated in taking part in this company.  -M.M.

  • So proud to be a part of this community!  -C.Y.

  • I appreciate the meaningful devotions. Prayer time being offered. Allowing kids to share their hearts and be spiritual leaders. -H.H.

  • Students are given the ability to discover their gifts and talents from the Lord, yet understand it’s all for His glory. -R.P.

  • Starz has given our daughter an outlet. Normally a shy little girl, she comes alive on stage! Not only does she enjoy being on stage performing, she loves the time spent with an amazing group of teachers and friends. Enrolling our daughter in STARZ is guaranteed investment in a safe, fun environment where we know she will be surrounded by love, great role models, and continually learning valuable life lessons! -K.H.

  • Our family has been SO blessed by STARZ! Our daughter has been part of STARZ since its first year, and every year, it just gets better and better! The students receive such godly leadership and mentoring over the five months of preparing for their spring performances! -C.R.

  • Being a part of this group from the beginning, we have witnessed incredible growth in the children's skills on stage, as well as growth in its outreach. Each year the audience size has at least doubled, and performing in the brand-new ENT Center took the show to a whole new level! The expert training the cast receives has really turned these children into fantastic actors and actresses. -J.B.

2015-16: Cinderella

2015-16: Cinderella



  • Starz has made an impact on my life and I want to never grow up so that I can stay in Starz forever!  I know this will never happen but that's how much I enjoy Starz!  This season has helped me find my voice, believe, and create.  -M.M.

  • Thank you for continually pushing us and leading us fearlessly!  We couldn't be where we are today without you.  -E.V.

  • Thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself!  -A.E.

  • Turning Pointe is where I would spend hours upon hours rehearsing, making memories, and becoming a true family of actors and actresses, who all had phenomenal gifts and loved the Lord. STARZ is my family and always will be. Every inside joke, very laughing moment, and smiling face, will forever be in my heart. Thank you STARZ Theater Company for flipping my world upside down. -G.B.

  • STARZ is like a family. We pray for each other, we encourage each other, we are for each other! I have learned how to act, sing and dance, too. -A.B.

  • The best part about STARZ is making people happy when they watch our performances. I have made many friends and STARZ is my family away from home. I audition each year because I want new opportunities to grow. -M.H.

2017-18: STARZ: Singin’ in the Rain

2017-18: STARZ: Singin’ in the Rain



Man, I love you guys! I really appreciate everything you’ve done to make this show great - the time, the people, and prayer. There’s nothing as spectacular as your shows, well, maybe some Broadway acts. -BK
It is super cool that Peter and the Darling children were able to fly! -LS
The Starz performance of Cinderella was thoroughly enjoyable! The sweet spirit of the Starz kids shone through in their attitudes and their well organized and impressively executed performances. The show was worth twice the price! Magical and uplifting entertainment!
— S.L.
What a terrific opportunity for young people to not only discover but also strut and develop their theatrical talents! I saw three of the four performances of Cinderella, and was delighted with the quality and enthusiasm that spread across the stage each time the curtain went up.
— J.W.
...What set this performance apart for me was the strong messages of character sprinkled throughout the show. Being kind matters and God really can be there for you during difficult times. This is what we teach our kids but how often do they hear it echoed in our entertainment venues? Thank you for picking a play that can entertain AND instruct.
— J.M.K.